Innovative technology education solutions


Products, Vendors, Projects and Programs

  • Product management. New-product development using customer research, planning, forecasting and marketing. Positioning, scoping, defining, prototyping, developing detailed specifications.
  • Vendor management. Identifying, hiring and managing professional individuals and service companies.
  • Project management. Organizing and leading development projects so they deliver results on time and on budget.
  • Program management. Designing appropriate program and channel infrastructure to deliver and maintain customer relationships.
  • Presentations. Inspire and motivate business decision makers using clear presentations and interactive, engaging workshops.

We can effectively partner to provide additional business, research and marketing services.


Curriculum Design & Content Development

  • Curriculum design. From a known set of educational standards, designing at a high level the appropriate education programs, products and assessments to achieve your goals.
  • Curriculum mapping. Aligning courses or modules to appropriate instructional standards -- either before or after content development.
  • Instructional design. Designing education experiences to be effective, efficient and appealing.
  • Technical writing and editing. Expressing technical information clearly and succinctly.

We can effectively partner to provide additional editorial, Web and videography services.